【 Furniture Headlines 】 The application status of industrial robots in furniture industry!

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As a semi-autonomous or fully autonomous advanced processing equipment, industrial robots have been widely used in industrial manufacturing. This paper aims to analyze and summarize the application status and types of industrial robots in furniture industry, and provide reference for the whole plant planning and production line transformation and upgrading of intelligent furniture manufacturing.

In view of different sections of furniture production, the application status of industrial robots in furniture production is summarized and analyzed. According to its functions, the robots applied in furniture industry mainly include welding robots, grinding robots, spraying robots, assembly robots, handling robots and AGV robots.

Welding robots are used in automatic production lines of metal and furniture technical parts

Welding robot is an industrial robot engaged in welding operations, generally with three or more programmable axes, used in the field of industrial automation. In order to adapt to different welding applications, welding robots in furniture manufacturing industry are generally used in automatic production lines of metal and furniture technical parts.

Grinding robots are widely used in the field of wood furniture manufacturing

The appearance of wood furniture surface depends on the quality of grinding to a large extent, but the dust pollution in the grinding process is serious, directly harm the health of operators, and dust is prone to explosion and other safety accidents.

With the continuous maturity of robot technology, grinding robot has been widely used in the field of wood furniture manufacturing. The polishing robot is a kind of industrial robot that can meet the requirements of processing technology according to the contour shape and surface roughness of the workpiece and realize automatic grinding.


Spraying robots reduce the effects of paint on workers' health

Coating is the key process of furniture manufacturing, which not only endodes furniture products with excellent protection and decoration performance, but also an important part of the value of furniture products, and directly affects the appearance quality, weather resistance, wear resistance and other indicators of furniture products.

The environment of furniture painting workshop is relatively bad, the volatile organic compounds and dust in the paint seriously affect the health of workers. At the same time, there are many uncertain factors in artificial spraying, and it is difficult to maintain the quality of paint film performance, spraying efficiency and utilization rate of paint. Therefore, replacing manual spraying with spraying robot is an inevitable trend in the development of spraying technology in furniture industry.

Spraying robot is an industrial robot that can automatically spray paint or spray other coatings. It is used to automate the surface decoration process of furniture, effectively reduce the impact of paint on the health of operators, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of spraying.

The structure of spraying robot mainly includes: mechanical structure of robot body, driving structure, computer and its corresponding control system. Its general use of 5 ~ 6 degrees of freedom of joint mechanical structure, movement space is large and flexible, can be used for complex structure of the workpiece surface coating, the wrist generally has 2 ~ 3 degrees of freedom, flexible movement.

Furniture assembly robot improves the degree of assembly automation and assembly accuracy

Assembly is the follow-up link of furniture product manufacturing, and its human, material and financial consumption occupies a large proportion in the whole process of product manufacturing. Therefore, furniture assembly robot arises at the right moment.

Furniture assembly robot is a kind of industrial robot used to assemble parts or components in furniture manufacturing process, such as chair assembly, wooden door frame material assembly, etc., which can effectively improve the degree of assembly automation and assembly accuracy.

Currently, the furniture industry generally adopts cartesian coordinate assembly robot, which has simple structure and easy operation. It is usually used for parts transfer, simple insertion, nailing, gluing and other operations.


In terms of mechanical structure, it can be equipped with servo motor and automatic programming, which has the advantages of fast adjustment speed and high positioning accuracy. It can adapt to the assembly of products of different sizes and specifications, and improve the flexibility of assembly line.

Moving robot realizes automatic parts transfer

Handling robot is the application of robot movement trajectory to replace manual handling of automatic products, can be used for furniture sections of the loading and unloading, the connection of each process and parts sorting, etc., to achieve parts transfer automation.

AGV robot is "automatic guided vehicle", refers to equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guiding device, can travel along the specified guiding path, with safety protection and a variety of transport functions, can be used in furniture manufacturing process and factory logistics transport, can improve the efficiency of logistics transport. The types and application scenarios of furniture robots are shown in the figure below.

With the continuous implementation of "Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025" strategies, the level of intelligent furniture manufacturing is improving year by year, and the application of robots in intelligent furniture manufacturing is also expanding.

At present, there are still some problems in the application of furniture robot. The work efficiency and process of robot need to be optimized, and the connection and interaction efficiency of robot and other wood processing equipment need to be further improved.

Due to the difference between furniture manufacturing and metal material processing technology, it is very important to improve the efficiency of furniture robot to do a good job in the connection of various manufacturing technology and reasonable control of production tempo.