[Furniture headlines] [Dry goods] About solid wood composite door, this time we don't talk about technology, only talk about equipment!

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Real wood compound door is to point to the density board that sticks wood skin with the surface or adornment veneer is surface material, with real material assemble board is door frame, with man-made board is core material compound the woodiness door that makes. The surface of solid wood compound door has the natural texture of wood, and the style is diverse.

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Solid wood door door fan is generally three or five layers of structure.

The middle layer is the main structure layer, composed of frame (skeleton) and door core. The frame is made of lumped wood machined to the required size of the square, which forms the outer skeleton and is secured with gun nails. The door core is the filling material inside the door fan, can choose the material such as solid wood, man-made board or honeycomb paper.

The surface layer can be 3  Decorative veneer of mm or density board of 5mm, 7.5mm, or 12mm. If the structure is five layers, decorative veneer can be pasted on the surface of thin density board. In addition, still can pass inlay door panel among door fan or inlay all sorts of decorative lines to improve the beautiful sex of door fan in door fan surface, realize modelling diversification.

▲Compound solid board structure and production technology

The following focuses on the production equipment of this kind of solid wood door, different from the previous article to the main line technology.


Cutting equipment

Open material is the process of cutting the plate type used for making furniture. Because the structure of the panel furniture is relatively simple, the precision of the connector is high, therefore, in the process of cutting can be used to cut the plate directly to the size of the required parts.

The equipment used to open the material is mainly open saw. The opening equipment commonly used in the production of traditional panel furniture is the precision cutting board saw, because of its side with a removable table, also known as "push table saw". Push table saw workers need manual or semi-manual operation, each processing a plate, the work intensity is large, the work efficiency is relatively low, and the processing accuracy and safety factor are relatively low.

Another more commonly used horizontal precision cutting board saw, can be used for many sheets and large surface plate cutting. Large yield, high precision, often used in large-scale production.

There are two types of advanced cutting equipment:

①Electronic cutting saw, also known as "computer cutting board saw", is an advanced digital processing equipment, can be used for a variety of plate cutting.

②CNC machining center cutting equipment, CNC machining center can be edge for the curve of the plate cutting, the basic principle is to use a milling cutter along the edge of the plate directly milling out depth more than the thickness of the slot, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.

Among them, the most common application is the electronic cutting saw. Electronic cutting saw is widely used for processing all kinds of plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, ASS board, PVC board, organic glass board and solid board and other structures, and cutting boards with similar hardness.

The sides of scale

All around planing spindle special processing, high precision. Feeding system, it is best to use stepless speed regulation mechanism, feeding roller and reducer with universal joint connection transmission, in order to smooth transmission, feeding can be strong and powerful.

Four plane according to the industry habit is divided into four axis four plane, five axis four plane, six axis four plane...... Multi - axis plane all around, more than ten axes. Four planing is generally suitable for large and medium-sized furniture factories, on the one hand, its purchase cost is higher, on the other hand, adjust tool trouble, so suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises large-scale production or fixed process station production.

Four plane according to the industry habit is divided into four axis four plane, five axis four plane, six axis four plane...... Multi - axis plane all around, more than ten axes. Small enterprises often use double-sided planer processing two main surfaces, with vertical planer or other planer processing two sides, in order to save costs and shorten the adjustment of tool time. Four plane production capacity is strong, such as medium six axis four plane an hour can process two more materials, its efficiency is more recognized in the industry.

Sanding equipment

Belt sanding, also known as belt sanding, has the advantages of good heat dissipation, high sanding efficiency, wide use, suitable for sanding plane and more regular objects, but it is not good to operate the special objects.

Manual operation of the belt machine, such as: Vertical sand machine, horizontal sand machine, vertical sand machine, concussion blasting machine, vertical shock sand machine, portable sand machine, and belt conveyor sand machine, etc., these devices are relatively simple operation, but there is no automatic feeding system, can't and assembly line automatic docking, pure manual labor intensity, low efficacy, but the cost is low, so the most widely used.

With automatic feed sanding machine, such as: woodworking heavy sanding machine, woodworking elevated sanding machine, primer sanding machine, stone sanding machine, steel plate sanding machine, sanding machine, glass and so on, the common characteristics of these models is to have automatic feeding system, grinding head more organic combination processing and good flexibility, high degree of automation, can be connected to the automatic assembly line, high production efficiency, but the cost is higher.

Sealing side equipment

Edge sealing machine is a substitute for manual edge sealing procedures: conveying - gluing - & NBSP; Cutting - before and after the head - up and down trimming - up and down trimming - up and down scraping - polishing highly automatic machine, mainly divided into automatic, semi-automatic and manual three.

Edge sealing machine is one of the woodworking machinery. True wood machinery. Edge sealing machine as the name implies is used for edge sealing. But the edge sealing process is highly automated. Can complete the face type special-shaped edge in the transport - gluing edge - & NBSP; Cut off - before and after the head - up and down trim - up and down fine trim - up and down scraping - polishing and many other processes.

Makeup equipment

Machine is the production of joinery board (big core board) is one of the main equipment, it is the main path of logs, rotary cutting wood core, material of the specifications of the material such as slab strip, after a row of plate, glue, extrusion, made the whole heating process, such as wide real core board equipment, machine is mainly composed of hydraulic system, pneumatic system, etc.

The splitter is composed of five parts: the main machine, the high frequency generator, the hydraulic station, the feeder and the discharging table, and the control system. PLC is usually used for control, with a high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, small labor intensity, short splicing cycle, saving manpower and other characteristics, is the integration of wood and plate splicing, composite solid wood edge sealing equipment.

The splicing size of the splicing machine is 1300*2500mm, and the thickness can be 60 mm or 150mm according to different models. When the user has special requirements, prior declaration can be tailored configuration design.

Refers to pick up equipment

The extension of short wood is especially suitable for the extension and reuse of short square wood.

Finger machine, including feeding mechanism, main push mechanism and damping mechanism; The conveying device of the main push mechanism is the upper and lower side crawler chain drive device with the same structure. The upper and lower side crawler chain drive device is connected by the pressure regulating device, and the horizontal pressure is also provided on the side of the guide plate