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How do furniture headlines/growth custom furniture companies reduce the error rate?

Issuing time:2019-03-02 11:31Author:Luban Park

The high error rate is a common problem for custom furniture companies, and it is a permanent pain for the owners of custom furniture companies, especially for custom furniture companies in the growth stage.

Since the high error rate is a common problem in custom furniture companies, why haven't there been good solutions for many years? Some experts believe that there may be two reasons for this:

First, there is a fundamental difference between a customized enterprise and a standardized production enterprise. Customized production itself is a production method that satisfies the customer's needs. However, the customer's needs vary widely, resulting in uncertainties in the production arrangement. Therefore, errors in custom production are often inevitable;

Second, the degree of visualization of such products as custom furniture is not high. For example, if the TV is bought at home, as long as the sound and picture are normal, most of the customers will be satisfied; but the customized furniture is closely related to people's lives and needs to be used frequently, then a little bit Small problems are often found


Common mistakes in custom furniture

Some dealers of custom furniture began to worry about the installation, worried about whether the installation can be successful once, whether the details will be problematic, whether the factory can be solved in time, and the customer is dissatisfied and worried.

In fact, most customer acceptances will not be accepted according to the quality standards of the national industry. The main problem for customers to find trouble is to find low-level errors of products. The low-level errors that customers can find in custom furniture products mainly include the following aspects:

Product parts "lack of East and West"

The most feared thing about installing the installer is to open the package. When the cabinet is assembled, one part cannot be installed. The customer can easily know it, which will directly affect the delivery time of the customer, and may delay the customer's plan to relocate the new house. If the factory fails to ship in time, it may lead to the store default.

Color error or color difference is obvious

If the customer finds that a set of cabinets has two colors, it is definitely not necessary. The reason for the color error is generally that the factory is purchasing different types of plates, and the color difference is caused by the factory. There are also some companies that do not have a PMC concept, and workers randomly access materials, causing the plates to be misplaced.

The hole position of the plate is wrong.

Hole position error is a high-level error in the custom furniture factory. To solve the hole position error problem, it is necessary to standardize the process design, classify, and punch the device to reduce the hole position error. Now large and medium-sized enterprises are introducing numerical control equipment. It is also a way to solve the mistake!

Product parts conflict

The drawer pulls out the door to the door hinge, the door, the door and the door sleeve line or even the wall. Sometimes the hardware drawer and the hinge in the cabinet conflict, the installer has to change the position of the door hinge, leaving the hinge hole hollow is very ugly. The reason for the component conflict is basically the design error and the on-site measurement is not found, but the factory's review of the order is also very important. The basic error-avoiding knowledge should be trained in the various parts of the factory store system, and the discovery of the error reward system. The more the order goes down, the more accurate it is.

Door panels vary in height and door size

The door is the face of the cabinet. If the door panel is installed with a customer, it is generally difficult to satisfy the door panel problem. The machining accuracy of a factory is related. There are many aspects of the door joint relationship, the accuracy of the cabinet, whether the floor is level on the installation site, the cabinet can be adjusted by adjusting the foot, and the space for adjusting the wardrobe is almost nothing. It is necessary to tell the industry to pay attention to the level of the floor during the decoration. problem.


Sliding door problem

Sliding door errors are mainly concentrated on the size, such as: calculating the error width or height, generally can not be changed in the field. As long as the cabinet design size is good, it is not difficult to avoid the size of the sliding door. You can use the computer software to solidify the calculated size.

The reason for the custom furniture error rate

There are many reasons for the mistakes of custom furniture companies. Many people think that custom furniture errors are factory errors. In fact, custom product errors should be caused by system errors, process errors, and management out of control. From the perspective of industry analysis, there are the following Reasons for:

There is no rule in order sales orders

The user's needs are not directed to the requirements of convenient factory production. In order to receive orders, many growth companies promised that as long as the customer requests, some non-standard requirements factory processing is very troublesome. The author has repeatedly said that the designer who will not guide the customer's needs is a draftsman. Not that draftsman is not.

Insufficient communication in plan review, order placement, and scheduling

Custom furniture factories will have a plan to place the order, the plan to order the key requirements of the design requirements into the production requirements, the need for professional people to check, detailed communication, if the store designer and production staff habits It is best to be clearer. In the period when the growth of the product system of the growing enterprise is not perfect and the level of the technician is difficult to improve in the short term, it is the most effective way to reduce the production error by strengthening the review of the order.

Professionalism of the designer

The level of custom furniture designers is the key to determining the quality of products. At present, the level of designers in the custom furniture industry is uneven. Many people mistakenly think that computer painting is a designer. In fact, good designers must have technology and art. You must understand the product structure of the enterprise and understand the art of design in order to guide customers. When there are fewer professional designers in the downstream industry, enterprises should strengthen the training and training of existing designers.

Professional level of workers

The professional level of the workshop workers determines the quality of the product and the key to reducing the error. No matter how intelligent the equipment is in the future, let alone all enterprises can buy advanced equipment. It is still necessary to rely on people to operate, to some extent workers. The professional level determines the application of the equipment.

Device matching and adjustment

Customized furniture factories produce different quantities, and the equipment required is different. The fewer times the custom furniture factory production equipment is adjusted, the more accurate the size and the higher the efficiency, which requires multiple equipments to cooperate with each other. It can be miniaturized and multi-staged.

Low standardization of boards

Many growth-oriented enterprise customers often fail to re-issue the plates. The reason is that there is no standardized product technology system. The parts of the plates are not universal and not interchangeable. The custom furniture surface is customized, in fact the internal structure. It is determined by the company itself. As long as the designer guides the customer to place an order, it can completely follow the factory's own specifications.

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