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Furniture headlines/ Industrial robots in the furniture industry

Issuing time:2019-03-02 10:57Author:Technology news source furniture manufacturing

Industrial robots are widely used in industrial manufacturing as a semi-autonomous or fully self-contained advanced processing equipment. This paper aims to analyze and summarize the application status and robot types of industrial robots in the furniture industry, and transform the whole plant planning and production line for furniture intelligent manufacturing. Upgrade provides a reference.

According to the different sections of furniture production, the application status of industrial robots in furniture production is summarized and analyzed. According to its functions, the robots used in the furniture industry mainly include welding robots, grinding robots, painting robots, assembly robots, handling robots, and AGV robots.

Welding robot for automated production lines of metal and furniture technology components

Welding robots are industrial robots that are engaged in welding operations and generally have three or more programmable axes for industrial automation. In order to adapt to welding applications in different occasions, welding robots in the furniture manufacturing industry are generally used in automated production lines for metal and furniture technology components.

Grinding robots are widely used in the field of wood furniture manufacturing

The aesthetic appearance of wooden furniture depends to a large extent on the quality of the grinding, but the dust pollution during the grinding process is serious, directly endangering the health of the operator, and the dust is prone to explosions and other safety accidents.

With the continuous maturity of robot technology, grinding robots are widely used in the field of wood furniture manufacturing. The grinding robot is a kind of industrial robot that satisfies the grinding section of the furniture manufacturing. It can meet the requirements of the processing technology according to the contour shape and surface roughness of the workpiece to achieve automatic grinding.


Spraying robots reduce the impact of paint on workers' health

Painting is a key process in the manufacture of furniture products. Its function not only gives the furniture products excellent protection and decorative performance, but also an important part of the value of furniture products, directly affecting the appearance quality, weather resistance and wear resistance of furniture products. .

The environment of furniture painting workshop is relatively harsh. The volatile organic compounds and dust in the paint seriously affect the health of workers. At the same time, there are many uncertain factors in artificial spraying, and the quality of paint film performance, spraying efficiency and coating utilization rate are difficult to stabilize. maintain. Therefore, the use of spray robots instead of manual spray is an inevitable trend in the development of spray technology in the furniture industry.

The spray robot can be used for industrial robots that automatically paint or spray other paints to automate the process of decorating the furniture surface, effectively reducing the impact of paint on the health of the operator, while improving spray efficiency and spray accuracy.

The structure of the painting robot mainly includes: the mechanical structure of the robot body, the driving structure, the computer and its corresponding control system. It generally adopts an articulated mechanical structure of 5-6 degrees of freedom. The movement space is large and flexible, and can be used for painting the surface of complex structural workpieces. The wrist generally has 2 to 3 degrees of freedom and can be flexibly moved.

Furniture assembly robot improves assembly automation and assembly accuracy

Assembly is the follow-up link of the manufacture of furniture products. Its human, material and financial consumption accounts for a large proportion in the whole process of product manufacturing. Therefore, furniture assembly robots came into being.

The furniture assembly robot, that is, a kind of industrial robot used for


In terms of mechanical structure, it can be equipped with servo motor and automatic programming. It has the advantages of fast adjustment speed and high positioning accuracy. It can adapt to the assembly of different size specifications and improve the flexibility of the assembly line.

Handling robots to automate parts transfer

The handling robot is an automation product that uses the robot's motion trajectory instead of manual handling. It can be used for loading and unloading of various sections of furniture, connection of various processes and parts sorting, etc., to realize automatic parts transportation.

The AGV robot, which is an "automatic guided transport vehicle", is a transport vehicle equipped with an automatic guiding device such as electromagnetic or optical, capable of traveling along a prescribed guiding path, with safety protection and various transfer functions, and can be used for furniture manufacturing. Process and in-plant logistics delivery can improve logistics delivery efficiency. The types of furniture robots and their application scenarios are shown in the figure below.

With the continuous implementation of the "Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025" strategies, the level of furniture intelligent manufacturing has increased year by year, and the application fields of robots in the intelligent manufacturing of furniture have also expanded.

At present, there are still some problems in the application of furniture robots. The working efficiency and process of robots need to be optimized. The connection and interaction efficiency between robots and other wood processing equipment needs to be further improved.

Due to the difference in the processing of metal materials and the processing of metal materials, it is essential to improve the efficiency of the use of furniture robots.

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