Double glue pan a key switch, flexible sealing side | HH - 506 rl linear sealing side machine new upgrade

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Edge sealing is a very important process in panel furniture manufacturing. If you want to meet the needs of different glue edge sealing production, only using conventional single glue pot edge sealing machine operation will appear trouble replacement, time-consuming and laborious, low efficiency, edge sealing quality is difficult to guarantee and other problems.


Huahua-506rl CNC hH-506RL double glue pot linear edge sealing machineNew upgrade! The upgraded HH-506RL is equipped with a double glue pot quick switching system, which can switch different colors of glue with one button, and can match different colors and sizes of edge sealing tape, effectively solving the glue line problem. At the same time also upgraded the double gluing edge design, sol faster, tracking repair edge with polishing process, the edge sealing effect is more delicate and beautiful, to help you save time and effort more provincial "salary"!

--- Function is introduced ---

  • Preliminary milling:Trim the plate edge after cutting

It is equipped with 3.7KW high-power motor, which is composed of two milling cutters at the front and rear. The maximum pre-milling height is 40mm (65mm is optional). It can cut corrugated and expanded edges on the surface of the plate, so that the edge sealing strip fits the plate more closely, and the integrity and aesthetics are better.


  • Double glue coating unit:Glue evenly and firmly

According to different colors of board and edge sealing tape, quickly switch between two colors of glue, reduce the visibility of glue line, double glue pot switch with one key, simple operation, higher efficiency.


  • Pressure stick unit:Make the plate fit with the edge sealing belt

The plate above the bonded edge band through four pressure paste wheel pressure, so that the plate and the edge band bonding more firmly.


  • Front and back neck:Trim the front and rear end edge sealing strips

The front and back of the fast head, accurate and stable, precise linear guide rail, by mold automatic tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor cutting structure, the front and back of the plate protruding edge sealing strip trim, make it even, to ensure smooth cutting surface.


  • Coarse fine trim:Trim the upper and lower side sealing strips

The high frequency and high speed motor structure of large and small disks is used to automatically track the edge sealing strip on the upper and lower sides of the plate, and the excess edge sealing material is repaired to make the edge milling with R arc, so that the edge sealing strip of the plate is more beautiful after it is sealed.


  • Contour tracking:Trim 4 corners of edge sealing strip

Using copying wheel left and right activities by the mold to repair the fillet device, four corners of a milling R arc, edge sealing effect is more smooth and beautiful.


  • Scraping edge:Trim wave marks

The trimming knife on both sides of the plate scrapes the wavy knife marks caused by rotation on the sealing tape, so that the upper and lower parts of the plate are more smooth and tidy.


  • Double polishing:Improve edge sealing effect

Through the rotation of the two groups of cloth wheel, clean the processed plate, make the sealing side face more smooth, beautiful, and keep the polishing wheel wear uniform.


  • Clean function:Clean sheet dust

Huahua NUMERICAL control equipment unique function, after finishing polishing and then add a blowing process, the dust on the workpiece to clean up.


--- Characteristics analysis ---

  • Intelligent touch screen operation, humanized operating system design

Using touch color screen display, easy to operate, unique lifting design, saving space, safe and reliable operation, complete operation tips, simple and friendly interface.


  • Additional auxiliary pressure wheel, so that the plate conveying more stable


  • Safety distance control device

Safe distance control device, prevent plate collision, automatic adjustment, ensure the normal operation of the machine.


  • The finished product to show