Through the type of CNC saw cutting drill, uninterrupted processing, cabinet side plate molding!

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In panel custom furniture, there will still be problems such as low efficiency and uncontrollable quality in the manufacturing and assembly process of cabinets, among which the cabinet side panels also need to go through multiple processes to complete.


Hua Hua NC core equipment——MTK-2440 Through type CNC saw cutting drill processing center,It can solve all these problems! It is the equipment that covers ambry side plate whole production working procedure, intelligentized control, can realize the equipment without discontinuous processing, punching, slotting, 90° right Angle sawing cuts a molding, let ambry side plate batch production more standardization, high efficiency, province artificial.


Through type CNC saw cutting drill set grooves, drilling, cutting Angle as one, the maximum processing 2440x675mm plate, minimum 875x320mm, 6-8 pieces of workpiece per minute, a day 8h can process about 2800 cabinet side plate, easy to respond to the mass production of cabinet side plate demand. For customized, flexible furniture production, suitable for plate customization furniture, office furniture, cabinets and other plate processing.

--- Equipment function ---

  • Loading at safe distance

    Equipped with intelligent anti-collision device, safety limit, control the plate distance, prevent the board from bumping, scratching the plate paint surface.

    Automatic and manual loading and unloading can be (can be connected to the roller auxiliary, automatic loading and unloading, reduce labor costs, more save "salary")


  • Double servo control

    Double servo control auxiliary support, more accurate positioning accuracy, prevent wood deformation, precision servo motor, ensure processing accuracy.


  • Double slot

    Taking into account the left and right longitudinal slotting and transverse slotting, processing more time saving!


  • Automatic positioning side + track conveyor

    Automatic positioning side, multi-direction positioning, to ensure that the plate does not move; The whole track conveying, processing process without manual intervention, greatly improve efficiency.


  • Drilling

    CNC drilling kits manufactured in international standards are durable in quality and high in precision. There are 51 drill bits in 21+30 groups to drill holes, which can simultaneously deal with the needs of different sizes of holes.


  • Slotting

    The spindle adopts high-end imported motor, with high efficiency and accuracy.


  • Double Angle saw cutting, scrap recycling

    The independent main saw is used for right-angle cutting sawing. The servo motor can be used to adjust the sawing blade. The sawing height can be automatically adjusted according to the sawing thickness to ensure the machining accuracy. Recycle the waste generated by sawing in time to prevent the accumulation of waste affecting the normal operation of the machine.


  • Safety fence

    A protective fence is designed around the machine to ensure the safety of the operator.


--- The finished product to show ---