Hh-505r linear edge sealing machine, small and fine, fast and stable, exquisite workmanship, save trouble and save "salary"

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Edge sealing is a process that can not be ignored in the production of panel furniture. As the most common method of edge processing of panel workpiece, edge sealing plays an important role in increasing the visual beauty of furniture and protecting the base material from the influence of external environmental forces. However, at present, many furniture plates still exist edge sealing strip and plate end face combination is not firm; Sealing the edge of the surface and other surfaces of the joint there are exposed bottom, edge collapse, gap and other defects, seriously affect the quality of the plate.

HuahuaHH-505RStraight line edge sealing machine,Full function, attach importance to each link, one key start, edge sealing speed up to 20m/min, power 12.1KW, can also be customized matching, in use according to the different products and environment to make the corresponding adjustment. Edge sealing effect the edge is tight, smooth, glued firmly, no degumming, overflow, leakage sealing, folding and running phenomenon, no indentation, glue marks and other defects.


Glue welt:The glue is fast and uniform, and the glue is firm.


Pressure stick unit:Make the plate and sealing side belt fit, through the pressure sticking wheel pressure, fit more firmly.


Front and back neck:Fast and in step, accurate and stable.


Coarse fine trim:Trim the upper and lower side sealing strips to make them milling into edges with R arcs. High-power trimming motor makes the trimming effect more perfect.


Track the trimming:Fast response, synchronous tracking trimming, high speed chamfering, four corners milling, edge sealing effect is more smooth and beautiful.



Scrape up and down side:The upper and lower parts of the plate are more smooth and neat, and the scraping edge is neat and smooth, without tearing and other phenomena.


Polishing device:Clean the processed plate through the cloth wheel to make the sealing end face smoother.


Adaptive thickness adjustment:The height of the top pressure beam is automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the plate, and the processing group is automatically positioned without manual adjustment.


Smart touch screen operation:Humanized operating system design.


Safety distance control device:Effectively prevent transmission and processing in the collision plate.


Optional customization:Optional flat scraping, separation cleaning, slotting and other additional functions to meet your different needs.


Small plate feed auxiliary device:Optional small plate feeding auxiliary device, auxiliary small plate into the edge sealing machine for processing, to ensure the straightness of small plate, prevent springboard deviation.


According to the processing needs, the reverse model can be selected, its built-in processing unit, configuration, and the conventional machine.