Burning situation in July, Birch numerical control with new products shining Guangzhou expo

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On July 8, the 21st China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) officially opened. Business associations, dealers, real estate agents, designers and media from all over the country and even many countries and regions around the world rushed to this grand event to gather together and discuss the grand event. As one of the exhibitors, Huahua CNC will welcome visitors from all over the world on October 1-19.




This exhibition, Hua Hua brought six side drilling and milling processing center, high-speed intelligent computer cutting board saw, automatic high-speed edge sealing machine, CNC cutting machine and other four categories of products, for guests to experience the high-speed, efficient, high quality panel intelligent production equipment. In the heat of July, hua Hua booth also heat explosion table!


During the exhibition, hua Hua team successfully harvested a number of on-site orders, thanks to the new and old customers for the trust and recognition of Hua Hua CNC, Hua Hua will continue to quality-based, service-oriented, continuous innovation, for China's wisdom building block!


During the exhibition, Hua Hua also held on-site experience activities of Guopai Furniture Conghua intelligent factory and training activities for dealers, giving full play to the brand influence of Hua Hua. This July, we are looking forward to having you with us in full bloom!