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The solid wood composite door refers to a wooden door made of a MDF with a surface veneer or a decorative veneer as a surface material, a solid panel as a door leaf skeleton, and a wood-based panel as a core material. The surface of the solid wood composite door has the natural texture of wood and various styles.

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The solid wood composite door leaf is generally a three-layer or five-layer structure.

The intermediate layer is a main structural layer composed of a frame (skeleton) and a door core. The frame is machined from the laminated material into square pieces of the required size, and the outer frame is assembled and fixed by gun nails. The door core is the inner filling material of the door leaf, and materials such as solid wood strip, wood-based board or honeycomb paper can be selected.

The surface layer can be a 3 mm decorative veneer or a 5 mm, 7.5 mm, 12 mm MDF. If it is a five-layer structure, the veneer can be attached to the surface of the thin MDF. In addition, the door can be inlaid in the middle of the door leaf or various decorative lines on the surface of the door leaf to improve the aesthetics of the door leaf and diversify the shape.

▲Composite solid wood board structure and production process

The following focuses on the production equipment of this solid wood door, which is different from the previous article.


Cutting equipment

The opening is the process of cutting the plate used to make the furniture. Since the structure of the panel furniture is relatively simple and the precision of the connector is high, the plate can be directly cut to the size of the required component by a high-precision cutting saw during the cutting process.

The equipment used for the opening is mainly a cutting saw. The cutting equipment commonly used in the production of traditional panel furniture is a precision panel saw because it has a pushable workbench on its side and is often referred to as a "push table saw". The table saw needs to be manually or semi-manually operated by the worker. Each time a sheet is processed, the work intensity is high, the work efficiency is relatively low, and the processing precision and safety factor are relatively low.

Another commonly used horizontal precision panel saw can be used for cutting multiple sheets and large format sheets. Large output and high precision are often used in large-scale production.

There are two types of advanced cutting equipment:

1 Electronic cutting saw, also known as "computer panel saw", is an advanced digital processing equipment that can be used for cutting a variety of sheets.

2 CNC machining center cutting equipment, CNC machining center can carry out the cutting of the edge of the plate, the basic principle is to use the milling cutter to directly mill the groove beyond the thickness of the plate along the edge of the plate, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.

Among them, the most common application is the electronic cutting saw. The electronic cutting saw is widely used in the processing of various plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, ASS board, PVC board, plexiglass board and solid wood board, etc., and the board of similar hardness is cut.

Four sides

The special machining of the four-sided planing spindle has high precision. The feeding system is preferably a stepless speed regulating mechanism. The universal joint is used for the transmission between the feeding roller and the speed reducing mechanism, so that the transmission can be stable and the feeding can be strong and powerful.

According to industry habits, the four-sided planer is divided into four-axis four-sided planer, five-axis four-sided planer, six-axis four-sided planer... multi-axis four-sided planer, and more than ten axes. The four-sided planer is generally suitable for large and medium-sized furniture factories. On the one hand, the purchase cost is high, and on the other hand, the tool is troublesome, so it is suitable for large-scale production of large and medium-sized enterprises or fixed process station production.

Small businesses often use two-sided planing to machine two main faces, and use a planer or another planer to machine both sides to save costs and shorten tooling time. The four-sided planer has a strong production capacity. For example, the medium-sized six-axis four-sided planer can process two-way multi-materials in one hour, and its efficiency is relatively recognized in the industry.

Sanding equipment

Belt sanding is also called sanding. It has the advantages of good heat dissipation, high sanding efficiency, wide application, suitable for sanding planes and relatively regular objects, but sanding of shaped objects is not easy to operate.

Manually operated belt machine, such as vertical belt machine, horizontal belt machine, vertical belt belt machine, oscillating belt machine, vertical sloping belt machine, portable belt machine, sling belt Machines, etc., these devices are relatively simple to operate, but there is no automatic feeding system, and can not be automatically docked with the pipeline. The manual operation is labor intensive, low in efficiency, but low in cost, so it is the most widely used.

Sanding machine with automatic feeding, such as: woodworking heavy sanding machine, woodworking overhead sanding machine, primer sanding machine, stone sanding machine, steel plate sanding machine, glass sanding machine, etc., these models The common feature is that there are automatic feeding system, multi-grinding head organic combination processing flexibility, high degree of automation, can be connected with automatic assembly line, high production efficiency, but high cost.

Edge banding equipment

The edge banding machine is an alternative to the manual edge sealing procedure: conveying - glued edge - cutting - front and rear head - up and down trimming - up and down finishing edge - up and down scraping - polishing is highly automated The machines are mainly divided into three types: fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

The edge banding machine is one of the woodworking machinery. It belongs to the solid wood machinery category. The edge banding machine is used for edge sealing as its name suggests. However, the edge sealing procedure is highly automated. It can complete the conveying in the straight face shaped edge banding - Gluing and pasting - cutting - front and rear - head trimming - up and down finishing side - up and down scraping - polishing and many other processes.

Jigsaw equipment

The jigsaw machine is one of the main equipments for the production of blockboard (large core board). It is mainly used to make small-diameter logs, rotary-cut wood cores, timber sheets and other raw materials. , extrusion, heating and other processes to make the whole surface of the solid core board equipment, the jigsaw machine is mainly composed of hydraulic system, pneumatic system.

The jigsaw machine consists of five parts: the main machine of the jigsaw machine, the high-frequency generator, the hydraulic station, the feeder and the discharge table, and the control system. It is usually controlled by PLC. It has the characteristics of high automation, simple and convenient operation, low labor intensity, short splicing period and saving manpower. It is an ideal equipment for splicing of composite materials and sheet metal, and solid wood wood edge sealing.

The splicing size of the jigsaw machine is 1300*2500mm, and the thickness can be less than 60mm or less than 150mm depending on the model. When the user has special requirements, it is stated in advance that a tailor-made configuration design can be made.

Finger pointing equipment

The short length of the short wood is especially suitable for the extension of the building short wood.

The finger jointing machine comprises a feeding mechanism, a main pushing mechanism and a damping mechanism; the conveying device of the main pushing mechanism is two upper and lower crawler chain transmission devices having the same structure, and the upper and lower crawler chain transmission devices are adjustable by the pressure adjusting device Connection, horizontal pressure on the side of the guide plate.

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